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Parkersburg Soap Box Derby, Inc.
903 Camden Ave.
Parkersburg, WV 26101-5528
(304) 588-8074 (cell/text)

Our Supporters

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Our Directors Circle Plaque

Your generous, tax-deductable contribution to Parkersburg Soap Box Derby® gives youth a chance to learn essential STEM-based[1] skills building and racing cars – and keep the great American Soap Box Derby tradition alive and strong since 1934! Here are the people whose generous support makes Soap Box Derby racing in Parkersburg possible.

Individuals who donate $1000 or more at a time may specify where they would like to have the funds used. Individual donations of less than $1000 will be placed in the General Fund to be used where neded.

Directors Circle Spoonsor Plaque Directors Circle Sponsors
(a montly pledge of $50 or a one-time donation of $600 or more)

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gold medal Gold Supporters
(generously support at the $200-$599 level)

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silver medal Silver Supporters
(generously support at the $100-$199 level)

Howard Buskirk
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bronze  medal Bronze Supporters
(generously support at the $50-$99 level)

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  Other Supporters (generously support below the $50 level)
One $26 donor who requested to remain anonymous
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  1. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. [BACK]

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