Bringing families and
community together
one race at a time.
Parkersburg Soap Box Derby, Inc.
903 Camden Ave.
Parkersburg, WV 26101-5528
(304) 588-8074 (cell/text)

Our Staff

Executive Team

These individuals are the Officers of our company. For their job descriptions, please see our bylaws. All positions are totally volunteer and there is no financial compensation for any individual.

Bob Mercer, President and Chief Executive Officer

Bob MercerA life-long resident of Parkersburg I have been heavily involved in volunteerism my entire adult life. I have chosen to raise my children — and now my grandchildren — in Parkersburg because I love this city and its long-held family and community values, and I strive to pass on those values to my family. Having worked in the security industry for over twenty years, I have currently served as a dispatcher and assistant supervisor with the Wood/Wirt County 911 Center for 18 years and am presently the City Councilman for Parkersburg’s Third District. I started The BobCast MOV because it had come to my attention that many residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley are unaware of some of the wonderful things that are happening in our area and haven’t had the opportunity to meet many of our community leaders and those who provide the many volunteer services in our area. And I am bringing the Soap Box Derby back to Parkersburg because I think it will bring families and community together for a common cause: THE KIDS! Some of my earlier activities have included:

Dr. Rick Sawyer, Vice President

Dr. Rick SawyerHaving retired from actively earning a paycheck in May of 2008, I find that I now have some “free time” to engage in activities that I want to do, not that someone else tells me I have to be doing. My roots go deep in the community, my ancestors being among the first settlers of western Virginia in what is now the Belleville/Rockport area of Wood County, when my 4th great-grandfather, John C. “Old Johnny” Flinn, arrived here in about 1808 and settled in the Lee Creek community. My second great-grandfather Peter Sellers arrived here in about 1850 from Monroe County, Ohio, as one of the first Restoration missionaries to western Virginia. A few of my current and previous activities are listed below. As you can see, Bob and I are both into volunteerism, because we believe in “giving back” to the community. That’s why we talk about it so much on the BobCast. My semi-complete autobiography is HERE and my personal website is HERE.


Position open. See the job description then contact us if you are interested.

Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Position open. See the job description then contact us if you are interested.


We are looking for individuals who are seriously interested in bringing the Soap Box Derby back to Parkersburg to serve on our Board of Directors. No experience is necessary, but if you have previous experience with a non-profit organization or with other youth-development activities, we want to talk to you. Please contact us!

Here is the Directors’ “job description” from our bylaws:

The President may appoint Directors to have various responsibilities and perform various duties as deemed appropriate for the efficient and effective functioning of the Corporation. Directors serve at the pleasure of the President, have voice but no vote over the affairs of the Corporation. They are encouraged to make observations and suggestions as needed. Directors may attend Board meetings and are free to hold their own meetings at their discretion.


Aubrey Powell, Fundraising Director

photo of aubrey powellBio coming soon





Jessica Mercer Powell, Fundraising Director

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Cathy Kerr, Miss Soapbox Derby Director

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Adrienne Kerr, Miss Soapbox Derby Director

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